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Products & Services

Risk Assessments and Management

  • Pre-deployment Risk Evaluations including desk top reviews and in-country assessments to populate the project Risk Matrix covering both physical and cyber-security issues
  • Identify suitable Risk Mitigation to reduce identified threats to ALARP (as low as reasonably practical)
  • Continuous and regular Risk Assessments to ensure Risk is correctly managed including ‘tiger attacks’
  • Quality assurance and compliance checks (a detailed ‘health check’) on existing security arrangements including review of security policy, standards and procedures for sites, warehouses, installations and convoy movements  

Physical and Technical Security Solutions

  • Design of physical and IT security systems to meet Risk Matrix and identified/perceived threats on new sites/project expansion
  • Provision of security policy, standards and procedures documentation
  • Procurement of specialised security technical equipment via trusted partners and associates
  • Command and Control services on convoy security including provision of guards and technical solutions (tracking)
  • Provision of staff for Personal Security Detail (‘PSD’) allowing safe and secure personal movements especially in high risk locations
  • Secure compounds for housing client staff as required including full life support
  • Electronic counter measure audits (‘sweeps’)  

Due Diligence and Business Integrity

  • ‘KYC’ due diligence to meet US and European legislation on both individuals and corporations
  • Internal investigations to local and international legal standards
  • Asset tracing and evidence gathering for court use internationally within legal standards
  • Locating witnesses or perpetrators internationally
  • Loss prevention and asset protection projects covering all aspects of the supply chain process